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22 year old digital designer. Founding member of Railway. Formerly at Geelmuyden Kiese and Dinamo.


22 year old digital designer. Founding member of Railway. Formerly at Geelmuyden Kiese and Dinamo.


Delightful Call To Action


My first project after re-joining Railway was redesigning As a company that offers car glass repair that is usually covered by insurance, they basicly sell a free service. A heavily saturated marked with much shouting and big red text, they wanted a clean, yet bold way to communicate.

I worked with the team at Railway on setting up a list of the users most asked questions, then prioritizing the content and hierachy. We started desiging modules, then testing out placement and structure. Working with our copywriter, we wrote the micro copy paralell with designing the modules.

Content architecture, User experience, Interface design



Swipe Right to Watch


A side project while working full time. I was asked to help rethink the concept and architecture of Filmgrail. The app helps you find movies based on your taste profile and social network. The original concept of the service was a feed of suggested movies, and sliders that let you precicly filter movies to watch.

We created a Tinder-like view that let you browse through movies in a fun way. We also found a simpler global solution to movie thumbnails, showing only IMDB, likes and social context.

I worked with the the team on creating updated user journeys, a new structure and a comlete user experience for the app. I also created a early visual identity and a first draft of the user interface. Later I helped Filmgrail build a concept for a native app on Get TV box.

Content architecture, ser experience, interface design


Inspiring Travelers to Shop



At Geelmuyden Kiese I was involved in making a new content strategy for Oslo Airport. We created a new shopping magazine for print and digital, in adition to buidling a presence in social media. We started creating a new editorial concept, then found a new editor and built a new team of contributors. I designed a new editorial identity for print and web, and created many of the editorial concepts in the magazine.

I also created ‘Folk of OSL’, a strategic campaign inspired by Humans of New York. The campaign told human stories through small interviews and portraits of travelers at Oslo Airport. In contrast to much of the magazine, it had no product placement. It was extended to a recurring format in the magazine and in social media.

Concept development,
Editorail design, Interface design



Rethinking The Norwegian
Education Report


The biggest project I was responsible for at Dinamo, was redesigning a report for The Norwegian Directorate for Education. I lead design, production and client contact. They wanted a stand alone digital report in addition to a traditional printed version. I started with designing a new identity and editorial system. The concept we created was ‘Overview + Information = Insight’. This resulted in clearly labeled hierarchies, and a strict narrative of descending information. 

Together with two other designers and a wordpress developer, we proposed a web sites where users could filter data and export custom reports. But with further research we saw that the linear approach of the print report was important for the users. Instead we made print and digital parallel, using the digital graphs to help produce the printed version.

Concept development, Editorail design, Interface sketches